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Lutz Pumpen GmbH is a Germany based supplier of centrifugal, AODD and drum pumps, as well as flowmeters. We are their sole authorized distributors in India since 2000. Their products find a wide variety of applications including viscous fluids, flammable liquids, sanitary purposes, etc. View more...

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Drum Pumps

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  • No wastage of liquids in transfer
  • FLP, Non-FLP, Pneumatic motors available
  • Flame-Proof Certified Motors & Tubes for Gas Groups IIA, IIB & IIC
  • Tubes in PP/ Al/ Hast-C/ SS316 (Ti)/ PVDF
  • Light weight, High performance
  • Sealless drum pumps can run dry
  • Economically priced pump range for lab and non-flp duties

  • Eccentric Screw pumps for viscous liquids upto 1,00,000 cp
  • Can be applied to Glue, Honey, Soap, Wax, Pulp, Glucose, Shampoo, Latex, Resin, Ketchup, Lube
  • Gentle pumping for shear-sensitive liquids
  • Models for different flow rates
  • Stators available in PTFE/NBr/Viton
  • Pneumatic or electric drivers available
  • Ex-proof & non-Ex-proof models available
  • Can generate upto 10 bar pressure
  • Physiologically Safe models for Food/Pharma industry
  • Easy to dismantle & clean
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AODD Pumps

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  • Metallic & non-metallic constructions upto 3
  • Sanitary AODD pumps for food industry
  • Models available with max-pass valve for handling large solids/viscous liquids
  • Lube free pumping-no contamination of product/environment by oil vapours
  • Gentle pumping; non-stall guaranteed
  • Can be used for corrosive, abrasive, clean liquids & slurries
  • Can run dry
  • Reduced stock of spares - air valve commonality
  • Self-priming- Dry or Wet
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  • Modular construction
  • Universal application (Ex and Non-Ex)
  • For thin-bodied and viscous fluids
  • With and without preselected volume
  • For mobile and stationary use
  • User-friendly electronic system
  • Measuring chamber in plastic and metal construction
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Vertically Submerged pumps

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  • Materials : PP, PVDF, PVC, SS316.
  • Flows upto 160m /hr, Head upto 65 mWc, Temp. upto 100 C.
  • 3 pump ranges, column lengths in steps from 275 mm to 4000 mm.
  • Immersion Depths : upto 3000 mm (with suction extension upto 4000mm).
  • Powered by std. 3-phase, IS 325, IEC Fr. Elec. motors.
  • Ideal for transfer of acids, alkalies, sewage.
  • With static-dynamic vapour seal & plain/flushed bearings.
  • Applns : Chemical industry, Galvanic industry, Water treatment, Surface treatment, Gas scrubbing plant, PCB manufacturers, Waste water.
  • Available in PP / PVDF / PVC materials.
  • Flow rates upto 70 m3/hr & Head upto 40 mts.
  • Applications : Electroplating, Paint Shop, Galvanising, ETP waste transfer, Specialty Chemicals, etc.
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